Canoe Day Trips

This area offers several Canoe Day Trips that are in or near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area suitable for a variety of experience levels.

Rose Lake Falls

Rose Lake FallsRose Lake Falls is a short day trip into the BWCA wilderness. Enjoy beautiful Rose Falls as well as the famous Stairway Portage down to Rose Lake. Experience breathtaking vistas at the top of the portage, looking across into Canada.


Johnson Falls

Johnson Falls

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Offering 3 sets of waterfalls, Johnson Falls makes a fun day trip into the BWCA; plan a full day for this paddle. With two different routes available, one can canoe to Johnson Falls without hitting the same lake twice until you return back to Flour Lake.


Clearwater Palisades

Clearwater Palisades

The Clearwater Palisades can be a great trip for the beginning canoer or it offers a longer adventure for the more experienced. The Palisades has a great view that can only be accessed by water.

Mountain Lake Overlook

Enjoy two beautiful overlooks with this moderate distance day trip into the BWCA. No portaging of canoes/kayaks are required. Take in the beauty of Clearwater Lake and the stunning overlooks above Mountain as you gaze upon Canadian shoreline on one side and American shoreline on the other.

Old Logging Camp Tour

Flour Lake BluffsOld Logging Camp Tour is a short day trip into the BWCA wilderness. This canoe route brings you by old logging camps, accessed by railroad back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, on Flour and East Bearskin lakes.