Bridal Veil Falls

A beautiful waterfall off the shores of Gunflint Lake, Bridal Veil Falls can be reached by boat or by trail. Starting at the east end of Loon Lake on County Rd 51 (Loon Lake Road), you will find the trail head for the Crab Lake Spur. This trail is a spur trail to the famous Border Route hiking trail that runs east and west along the US-Canadian border. Parking for a few vehicles can be found alongside the road near this trailhead. Round trip for this hike is approximately 5 1/2 miles.

Follow the Crab Lake Spur along Crab Lake until you reach the eastern end of the lake. The trail will split – stay left. Continue north/north-west until the trail connects to the Border Route Trail. At this intersection, take a left again and follow the Border Route Trail for approximately 1 mile until you see the sign for Bridal Veil Falls. There is a foot trail that pulls off the border route trail and heads down to the water fall below. This is a relatively steep descent but is absolutely worth the effort. At the bottom, listen for the roar of the waterfall and enjoy its beauty!

Route Map




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