Caribou Rock

Similar to Honeymoon Bluff, the vistas on this hike instead have you look east, down West Bearskin Lake. This gives travelers opportunities for great sunrise photos. The trail head starts from its namesake parking lot on Hungry Jack Road, about a 5 mile drive from Golden Eagle Lodge. Caribou Rock Trail can be broken up into two segments, both offering spectacular overlooks and vistas. These segments are explained below.

West Bearskin Overlook, Caribou Rock Trail

West Bearskin Overlook, Caribou Rock Trail

The first section of the Caribou Rock trail features two vistas over two different lakes; the first overlooks West Bearskin Lake and the second overlooks Moss Lake. The difficulty gradually increases the further you go, but would be considered, overall, moderate difficulty due mainly to the rise in elevation. The first overlook over West Bearskin is about 1/5 of a mile, one way, from the parking lot. To Moss Lake, plan another 3/5 of a mile, totaling about 4/5 of a mile one way to the Moss Lake vista.

The most accessible views come from the West Bearskin overlook and Moss Lake overlooks, but if you are up for an even more adventurous day, you can continue trekking onward into the second segment of the Caribou Rock Trail, which travels along the eastern shore of Duncan Lake and offers spectacular views from several hundred feet above the lakeshore. This section of the trail is very strenuous and is recommended for experienced hikers only. Caribou Rock Trail tees into the Border Route trail at the far northeast end of Duncan Lake; this marks the end of the trail… however, the adventure doesn’t end here!

At the tee into the border route trail, just a few hundred feet further, is Rose Lake Falls and Stairway Portage. A beautiful waterfall and an incredible overlook into Canada are the final ending marks for a trail few are brave enough to complete. Total distance to the end of the Caribou Rock Trail is approximately 3-1/2 miles, one way.

Route Map

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