Hiking Day Trips

The Gunflint Trail and BWCA aren’t just about canoeing. There are several possibilities for Hiking Day Trips near Golden Eagle Lodge as well.

Honeymoon Bluff

Hiking Day Trips - Honeymoon Bluff Gunflint TrailOne of the finest places on the Gunflint Trail to see a sunset, Honeymoon Bluff is only a short, 1/4 mile loop ascending to a height of approximately 200 feet. Enjoy the breathtaking view above Hungry Jack and West Bearskin lakes. Located 1 mile from Golden Eagle Lodge, one can hike starting from the trail head or from the lodge parking lot.

Caribou Rock

Hiking Day Trips - Carbou Rock

The Caribou Rock trail offers 3 distinct overlooks across 3 different lakes. The trail starts with a quick, but relatively easy ascent to the first overlook and continues on offering more vistas over two more lakes. Hike to the first overlook if you want a quick walk, or keep trekking to make it a longer hike. Either way, if you make the trip to the end of the trail, you’ll come across Rose Lake Falls and Stairway Portage; a beautiful end to a beautiful hike.

Magnetic Rock

Magnetic Rock, Golden Eagle Lodge, Gunflint Trail

One of the more popular hikes on the Gunflint Trail, wind through different forests and scenery, slowing gaining elevation, until you reach the famed Magnetic Rock. The exposed ledge rock along this trail is some of the oldest exposed rock in the world. Don’t forget to bring a compass with you and watch the needle spin!

Bridal Veil Falls

A beautiful waterfall off the shores of Gunflint Lake. Round trip is approximately 5-1/2 miles from your vehicle. Following the Crab Lake Spur up to the Border Route Trail brings you to the top of the waterfall. Hike down and enjoy the cascading water from every angle!

Come enjoy one of the many Hiking Day Trips along the Gunflint Trail.