Honeymoon Bluff

One of the best places to see sunsets on the Gunflint Trail! Looking west over Hungry Jack Lake, this popular site has been used for weddings and romantic sunsets for years.

There are several ways to get to Honeymoon Bluff. The most common is to drive to the parking lot and walk the path up. The whole loop is about 1/4 mile in length and ascends to a height of around 150 feet above the water.

Honeymoon Bluff Gunflint Trail

Honeymoon Bluff

Commonly, guests at Golden Eagle Lodge or Flour Lake Campground choose to simply walk to the parking lot from their cabin or site. It adds about a mile and a half to a round trip trek but makes for a nice hike.

The most adventurous trek is to take a canoe from Flour Lake and portage to Hungry Jack Lake and canoe to the base of the cliff. You can’t hike up from here but it is fun to canoe the base of the cliff. Now, start the return, but stop on Clearwater Road and walk to the parking lot where the path is maintained.

Plan 30 minutes from the parking lot up to the top, one-way. Add an additional 20 minutes one-way to walk from either Golden Eagle Lodge or Flour Lake Campground.

Route Map

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